Who is listed as the current rendering provider for Mr. Lutz’s…… Who is listed as the current rendering provider for Mr. Lutz’s… Who is listed as the current rendering provider for Mr. Lutz’s current inpatient stay?a.     Kim Anderson, RNb.     Kenneth Wong, MDc.      David Collins, Radiologistd.     Joseph Martinez, MD Mr. Lutz is admitted to:a.     Central Clinicb.     City Center Urgent Carec.      General Hospitald.     General Hospital ER  Who is listed as Mr. Lutz’s emergency contact?a.     Erika Lutzb.     Joseph Martinezc.      Dwayne Lutzd.     LaVerne Jensen What is the oldest active problem in Mr. Lutz’s record?a.     Secondary malignant neoplasm of liver and intrahepatic bile ductb.     Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, unspecifiedc.      Malignant neoplasm of upper lobe, right bronchus or lungd.     S Nausea/Vomiting, Abdominal PainWhich of the below orders for Mr. Lutz has not been marked as complete?a.     Chest X Rayb.     EKG/ECGc.      Admit to Medical Unitd.     Consult: Oncology 6.     What is Mr. Lutz’s BMI?a.     25.3b.     61c.      33.14d.     175 What did Mr. Lutz indicate as his level of pain?a.     6b.     0c.      10d.     3 8.     What is Mr. Lutz’s employment status?a.     Retiredb.     Full-time studentc.      Unemployedd.     Part-time student9.     What type of insurance coverage does Mr. Lutz have?a.     No insuranceb.     BlueCross BlueShieldc.      Medicared.     Medicaid 10. What lab test is listed under the Labs tab for Mr. Lutz?a.     CBCb.     CMPc.      Alpha-1-Fetoproteind.     MRSA screen 11. Which note in Mr. Lutz’s chart does not include an image?a.     Chest X-Rayb.     ECHO Reportc.      EKG/ECGd.     Admission Assessment Does Mr. Lutz have an advance directive?a.     Yesb.     No 13. What is Mr. Lutz’s Braden score?a.     23b.     19c.      4d.     3 14. What surgical procedure did Mr. Lutz most recently undergo?a.     Left lobectomyb.     Endoscopyc.      Right Lobectomyd.     Colonoscopy 15. ASA is listed as a/n ___ of Mr. Lutz.a.     Vitalb.     Labc.      Problemd.     Adverse Reaction/Allergy 16.  Who authored Mr. Lutz’s Admission Assessment note?a.     D’Angelo Carter, RNb.     David Collinsc.      Kenneth Wongd.     Tammy Burton 17. What category does Mr. Lutz’s order for Oxygen fall under?a.     Diagnosticsb.     Carec.      Laboratoryd.     Screening/Measurements 18. What is Mr. Lutz’s respiration rate?a.     94b.     130/81c.      92%d.     19 19. What is Mr. Lutz’s Medical Record Number?a.     100-01-0000b.     0001-4587121c.      MR2447d.     MRN66 20. The medications ordered for Mr. Lutz are found under both the Medications tab and the ____ tab.a.     Vitalsb.     Ordersc.      Problems  Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)