I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The KKUs Electronic Questionnaire Project. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Agile Project management approach implements the project quickly(“Agile Project Management | Thought Works,” n.d.). For any project to be a success, a project management approach that allows for good communication should be adopted. Agile Project Management approach enables good Communication as the system is being implemented. The system is sensitive to any errors that can occur during its implementation can cause damage. Agile Project management approach enhances high quality when used in managing projectsThis project plan is of the project dubbed the KKU’s Electronic Questionnaire Project. It’s an electronic way of viewing settings and filling questionnaires. King Khalid University needs the system because of the reasons:KKU’s Electronic Questionnaire Project simplifies the processes of handling questionnaires. Using the system, one can just use the phone or computer too, format and fill questionnaires. The results can also be analyzed using a computer.It saves on resources. The currently used way of handling questionnaires at King Khalid University is printing them out distributing it in paper form for people to fill. The current system has some issues because the papers are disposed of after use. It is because the questionnaire process is only just after the results. It wastes paper resources.KKU’s Electronic Questionnaire system is a quicker method of generating reports from questionnaires. Using the KKU’s Electronic Questionnaire system, it simply samples the results and makes the report in seconds.KKU’s Electronic Questionnaire System project involves setting up a system at King Khalid University. The KKU’s Electronic Questionnaire System will enable supervisors and lectures in the university to quickly create questionnaires. The system will also allow the supervisors and lecturers to view and analyze results from the questionnaires. The system is installed in a university.