Write 8 pages thesis on the topic efficiency between tablet and laptop. Technological advancement has given a great boost to the educational sector. A greater change in the system is visible in colleges and universities where students are highly encouraged to own a computer. The essence of being computer literate, in this case, is seen whereby the majority of the employees nowadays require one to have prior knowledge on how to use a computer and the relevant software. The touch screen technology has led to the creation of more portable gadgets that are gaining popularity (Rodrique,&nbsp.2014)The laptop was created first in the year 1982 after research about the combination of the keyboard and the desktop from the old computer (Bacon,&nbsp.2013). The need to run more sophisticated software and tasks have fueled the evolution of the laptop considering nowadays we have the supercomputer. Learning has turned out to electronic and lecturers in colleges find it easier to convey messages on a particular course electronically (Bacon,&nbsp.2013). Lecture halls are installed with a projector that allows for the projection of content in the laptop on the white and thus visible to the whole class (Bacon,&nbsp.2013).The current technology has given rise to tablet technology. It is the device that uses a different operating system from the ones used in computers and does not contain a key and the screen that closes. Most people not only students tend to use the tablet more evident from how they walk around with the tablets (Zaltsman,&nbsp.2014). The most common operating systems in the tablets include the android and the IOS (Zaltsman,&nbsp.2014). The urge to own a tablet is further enhanced by the introduction of awesome games that chase away the boredom in case one is traveling for long distances (Zaltsman,&nbsp.2014).