Write 4 pages thesis on the topic mastery of course objectives. You can call me by various names viz. trainer, instructor, faculty member etc. I basically teach the apprentices who join us from time to time. I feel a sense of accomplishment when my students move from strength to strength. I would like to formalise this inclination for teaching. I want to join a college nearby as a clinical instructor. I want to take baby steps and reach the pinnacle of my field. I have a crucial role to play in leading them in their careers. I bring together nurses from diverse backgrounds, personal, and to some extent, educational, onto a single nursing platform. Being in the academic field, I can only be complete through further education. I want to enrol in doctorate programs which can give me the academic edge that others have over me. This would mean a steep learning curve, but I am prepared to go all the way to pursue my goal. Even the duration of my continued education is not an issue as long as I am the best in my field. Mastery of Program Objectives To become a nurse educator, I need to know the objectives of the course that I have selected. I should understand the implication of each goal and how it can assist me in my career. I describe briefly below some of the important program objectives in the context of nurse education. In a traditional nursing setting, a faculty member is only expected to teach. However, this job goes beyond just teaching. It involves moulding the students and making them good nurses. It requires not only theoretical knowledge, but the practical implementation of theory. Moreover, research is required to take it to a higher level. I need to constantly update and upgrade my knowledge to succeed in this service oriented sector. I was under the impression that scholarship limits itself to research. “Boyer outlines four … functions of scholarship … discovery, integration, application and teaching” (Boyer Model of Scholarship). Discovery relates to the search of new information, whereas integration is placing isolated facts in perspective. Application is putting knowledge into practice to serve the community and the campus. Finally, teaching is gaining mastery over knowledge and presenting it to others in an understandable form. I am also aware that education cannot be imparted in isolation. It needs to be linked to the practice of the field. As a member of the education committee in my ED department the ideas and strategies learned through this course were helpful in evaluating and revising our orientation program for our newly hired graduates. Hence, faculty scholarship activities can help bridge the gap between academic preparation and the implementation. I realise that I should chalk out my own path for improving teaching. So that students can learn better, I apply knowledge to various clinical settings to get a holistic view of the nursing practice. Hence, I further my career due to the varied experience that I can give to the graduates. At the same time I ensure that I formalise it by continuing my own education in the nursing area. I keep myself abreast of the latest changes in nursing and nursing education. I diligently follow all journals and manuals in this field. I also plan to contribute to such publications. I ensure that all latest developments are taken up in class for the benefit of students. I also make my students inculcate the habit of regularly reading, discussing and putting to practice what they acquire from such publications.