Write a 7 pages paper on creating own culture. In most cases, culture is shared and is continually passed on to different generations. One of the most significant cultures in the world is of the pastoral communities, specifically the Gasaile People. Their settlement is in the arid and semi-arid areas. Their culture is unique simply because of their pastoral way of life. For a long period, they have raised cattle and other domestic livestock like goats and sheep in the areas stated above. Due to this, they have been able to live side to side with many wild animals hence learning their ways of life.Among the Gasaile people, elders form the main ruling body whereby they decide on most matters that affect the community. The Gasaile elders have laws used for the ruling of the community and in most cases settle disputes accordingly. Most of these laws are oral but have a great impact on the social lives of each Gasaile individual. Unlike in most communities where execution is a major part of the law, execution in Gasaile is unknown. Payment for breaking the law is mostly done with cattle simply because of their availability. The Gasaile culture also has a way of settling disputes that are recognized as the Amity. It involves making peace by embarking on a substantial apology.Although the Gasaile people have complete respect for their elders, they have complete recognition of a supreme being called Engai. They have believed that their God is made up of a dual nature that is of a black God and red God. where The Black nature is compassionate and the red nature is revengeful. The Gasaile people have set aside a holy mountain where only a few people can speak to their God. These few people usually have special gifts like healing, prophesying, divine calling and other unusual deeds. These deeds are the communication of a chosen person by ancestors to mediate between the people and their God.