Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: – Flight Nursing in Community Setting. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Flight Nursing in Community Nursing Assignment) A nurse is a healthcare professional responsible for the treatment and recovery of ailing individuals. However, the career of a flight nurse is rather a rewarding challenge for several reasons. To define the career, “a flight nurse is a registered nurse employed to implement the science and skill of nursing in the aviation transport environment.” (Standards for flight nursing practices, n.d.). In my opinion, rather than a mere line of work, the career offers individuals the best opportunity to demonstrate their bravery, love, and concern. The essence of our lives lies with how effectively we play our part in the community. and the complete satisfaction of making life admirable can be attained through the profession of flight nurse. A flight nurse is the one, skilled to work in critical care settings and avail assistance to the community in emergencies. Flight nurse must be well experienced and expertised in all aspects of healthcare. Flight nurses, always well prepared for life saving activities makes their presence confirmed in all critical situations such as accidents, earthquakes etc. They aid in the essential intensive care of the seriously wounded or sick patients when being shifted to a healthcare facility through plane or helicopter. In addition to serving the people injured by disasters, they also go to remote areas to support people during the airlifting to provide healthcare facilities. The presence of flight nurse as a member among the passengers makes the journey safe and sound for the entire crew of the flight (Nursing Jobs and degrees-flight nurse, n.d.). The line of work of a flight nurse is highly demanding. and in addition to having the mentality of serving the community, a flight nurse must be all set to function in the highly challenging situations which could be even life threatening. There are even situations when a flight nurse has to involve in rescuing activities without considering the associated risks. The most challenging aspect of flight nurse is that they must always be ready to work in all forceful environments. The aspiration to provide healthcare assistance to the community as a flight nurse demands a lot of qualities in addition to being generous, open minded and caring. The flight nurse must be physically fit to work in the restrained environment and bear the stresses during journey. Flight nurse need to be capable of carrying the heavy medical equipments and needs to be well familiar with the features of flight. In order to meet all unexpected challenges, a flight nurse required to be specialized in all fields of healthcare. As far as I am concerned, the job of flight nurse is exciting and challenging and hence it requires utmost genuineness and loyalty. The profession requires an exceptional mind set to work in all sorts of situations regardless of environmental condition and time. The job of flight nurse though stressful, is one of the most gratifying professions as the care and assistance rendered often save individuals from death. Hence the contentment that can be attained through this profession is praise worthy. It can be regarded as a privilege in making vital contribution to the society by saving the lives of individuals through the aid of medical care and assistance. References Nursing jobs and degrees-Flight nurse. (n.d.). Job Profiles. Retrieved 4 Jan 2011 from Standards for flight nursing practices. (n.d.). Retrieved 4 Jan 2011 from