Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on problems of a beginning writer. Writing about my anger did not offer enough time for my learning because I would not have enough time to express ideas. There was no one who would come by to support my desire to develop. This environment meant that my literacy skills failed to develop because the family condition denied me the opportunity I needed to develop them through experience with books and through correction. I discovered the importance of these skills in my life but it was unfortunate that I had no place or tools to facilitate the development competence in the language. In my young adulthood, I started to develop my language literacy skills but many times, I faced numerous challenges from my foster parents. At that age, it was very unfortunate that I lacked the vocabulary to construct sentences. I discovered that I had a hard time to make meaningful sentences regardless of the effort I put to write about my anger and the experiences I underwent at home. This issue exposed my limited skills in language literacy because it was evident enough that I struggled to combine vocabularies to make sentences and combining them to form a good paragraph. This situation was discouraging to me but I had to do it regularly so that I could establish my competence in the language and grow to be a good reader and writer later in my life.