Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses nam june paik. Nam June Paik was a Korean born on July 20, 1932, in a city known as Seoul located in the south of Korea. He was a brought an in a family with five siblings and was the last among his siblings. While growing up, he trained on how to play the piano especially the classical kind. During the Korean war of 1950, their family was forced to flee from Korea to Hong Kong but finally settled in Japan. He went to the University of Tokyo from where he graduated (www.paikstudios.com1).Gifted with an open mind, Nam relocated to Germany after his studies to study music under the tutelage of Thrasybuloyus Georgiades. In the course of his studies at Munich University, he was endowed with the privileged of meeting and interacting with other composers like John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen. He also met conceptual artists Joseph Beuys and Wolf Vostell from whom he derived his inspiration to work in the electronic art field. He met the experimental composer Cage during an International Summer Course for New Music in 1958.During his experimental phase, Nam June Paik started showing great interest in avant-garde music. While he was in Germany taking his university education, he started work as a musician and doing performance all over the place. The composers such as Karlheinz had a profound contribution to Paik’s choice of a career. Under the tutelage of John Cage, Paik found the confidence to incorporate different styles into his music. These involve including aspects of silence and chance into some of his works. It was not long before Paik started getting invites to perform at various avant-garde concerts. Some of his more famous works were the piece Stockhausen’s Originale and Hommage à John Cage. These were his own personal creations, the latter being a tribute to his mentor John Cage.