– Subject: Customer Relationship Management- The recommended textbook for the subject: A Practical Approach (6th Edition) – 978-0-13-274239-9 (ONLY CHAPTER 3 FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT).- The assignment should follow the APA Guidelines. – Answer the following essay questions:Using an example from your personal experience, explain the problem-solving model and the seven steps to determining and implementing a solution.Why is it helpful for organizations to train employees in possible approaches to problem-solving? What happens if this training is not provided, and why?How can the use of creativity in problem-solving more effectively address unique situations? If you faced a particularly challenging problem, what mechanism(s) might you employ to improve the chance of coming up with a creative solution?A positive way to view problems is to think of them as opportunities. How can this approach reduce the temptation to respond defensively to customer’s problems or frustrations? Support your answer with a concrete example.How can brainstorming provide the opportunity for creative problem-solving?