I need some assistance with these assignment. malcolm xs life in the nation of islam Thank you in advance for the help! If the blacks attained higher levels of education and gained access to better amenities that were at par with the Whites, which could lead to disastrous consequences for the whites. They would face large scale unemployment. lose the unskilled jobs and other avenues of income.There was also another school of thought that propagated racial hatred based on a completely different agenda. The period of the erstwhile 1950s was notorious for the growth of the Neo-Nazi groups, groups proclaiming racial superiority, the rise of the Klux Klux clan among others. They did a very good job of instilling the feeling of racial hatred and abomination in the minds of the average American. The sum total of this was that the divide between the blacks and the whites reached levels of extreme bitterness. The majority of the black population believed that the laws were loaded completely against them and favored the agenda of the whites.Malcolm X was an adapted name of Malcolm Little. He was born in the year 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the fourth child of a total of seven children. His father was an activist for the pan African Movement and also the area leader for an Indigenous organization called the Universal Negro Improvement Association. His father taught him the values of black rights, the issue of self-determination and the tenets of self-reliance. He was also greatly influenced by Marcus Garvey. He grew up in an atmosphere of great friction. There were a lot of white local groups who were against the black people and would cause a lot of troubles to the family including threats. One of the younger brothers of Malcolm X was lynched and killed violently by the members of a white supremacist group (Klux Klux clan). These early incidents shaped the mind of young Malcolm who would later grow up to hate the whites (Karim, 1971). Ultimately, the family had to shift to Milwaukee after repeated threats from the clan and later to Lansing, Michigan.