Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Case Study Development and Theoretical Explanation. The gradual change in Sophia’s behavior was witnessed by her mother but she could not associate it with a specific event. In the past, Sophia had only kept a hamster as a pet and the family did not raise any other pets since the animal died. 2 weeks ago Sophia attended a friend’s birthday party where she was introduced to his stepfather’s German Shepherd and this meeting instantly provoked a negative reaction from Sophia’s side as she froze then began to cry inconsolably when the seemingly friendly dog was brought closer to her by the owner who contemplated that the child would eventually overcome her initial fear. Since, the incident Sophia has been refusing to walk to school with a group of friends and her visits to the park where owners walk their dogs have become inexistent. Sophia, who was always a friendly and sociable girl, does not have a medical or family history of physical illness. Her maternal uncle, however, reportedly suffers from schizophrenia. Symptoms Sophia’s symptoms of unrelenting terror and fear of dogs first emerged 7 months ago when she was informed of the tragic incident in which a dog attacked her cousin.