MAIN POSTFor this discussion, choose one of the following two readings. Then, answer the three questions that follow in a separate paragraph for each response.Option 1 – Elbow, P. (2014). Freewriting. In G.H. Muller (Ed.), The McGraw-Hill reader: Issues across the disciplines pp. 105-108. McGraw-Hill.p. 108, “Writing,” Question 4: Writing an Argument: Write [a response] in which you support or discourage the act of freewriting.Be sure to quote and cite Elbow when writing your response. Option 2 – Martin, S. (2014) Writing is easy. In G.H. Muller (Ed.), The McGraw-Hill reader: Issues across the disciplines pp. 114-117. McGraw-Hill.p. 117, “Writing,” Question 3: Writing an Argument: Argue for or against the proposition that one must find the ideal place (“Location, Location, Location,” as Martin calls it) in order to write effectively.Be sure to quote and cite Martin when writing your response.First, read the article carefully. Answer the question associated with the reading you selected, either p. 108 – Question 4 or p. 117 – Question 3. (100+ words)Second, identify what rhetorical mode the author is using. For instance, is the author using cause & effect or process? Narration or problem solution? How do you know? Identify which rhetorical mode is being used, and support your ideas with the reading. Recall that direct support means using a quote. The quote should be integrated into your own ideas. An example can be found here. Make sure that you provide a proper citation. (100+ words)Third, think about what the author is suggesting you do in your writing. How will you apply this author’s ideas to your own writing process? Give concrete and specific examples. (100+ words) TIP: Respond to the questions above using a separate paragraph for each question. PEER REPLIESRespond to two peers’ main posts with replies of 100-150 words each. Examine whether the post clearly supports the peer’s ideas about what the chosen prompts are asking, if the chosen rhetorical modes are correct, and if the ideas presented are properly supported. Offer suggestions as to how the author of the main post can implement the author’s ideas into his or her writing. Take a moment to check into your own thread. Reply to your instructor and some peers who offer insights into your writing.