Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: Exploring an Object: Laptop Computer. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Its hardware is made up the keyboard, mouse pad, monitor, and the power unit while the software consist of programs that enable it to respond to commands in operation Its overall weight is approximately 500 grams with much weight being on the bottom surface which carries several internal components. Its design is such that it can store power for a maximum of six hours after its batteries have been charged. It has two replaceable lithium batteries which are charged when their power reduces to a certain level.Its model is Acer and with a screen size of a10.1 inch wide monitor. Its power resolution levels are very high and as such, it serves me with ample quality time of work. It’s predominantly black in color with a keyboard marked in white. It has a power portal as well as four other portals including the internet connection portal and another one for a projector. Its mouse pad is black with two command buttons, the right one and the left one. It has an internal memory speed of up to 200 gigabytes. It has a long power cable of an approximate length of 2 meters. Its power button is on the top left-hand side of the keyboard with a camera on top of the monitor.The keyboard pad occupies more than half of its processing unit. The board has all alphabets which can be used for typing and its monitor displays a start menu when booted. It has a windows XP program runner. It also has other buttons including the digits ranging from digit one to nine on top of the alphabets and another set of the same on the right-hand side. There are several other physical components on the keyboard. It has other buttons including the Shift, Spacing, Windows, Control, Caps lock, Tabs, Alt, Esc, among many others.These buttons help in sending different direct commands of instruction in the process of computer operations. The Enter and Backspace buttons are very helpful in typing of information in the computer. Other buttons include the F1 all the way to F12 which aid sending different direct commands in the operation of the computer.