I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Issues of The Sociology of Mental Health and Illness. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The article by Vedantum reiterates that records have it that patients with a disease called Schizophrenia that manifests itself with hallucinations and wrong thinking have been found to subside faster in victims from poor countries with strong extended family ties (Vedantam pg. 2).This is as opposed to the case with patients in the United States. People born in the USA with Mexican descent easily contracts disorders like depression and anxiety than those born in Mexico and are immigrants in the USA. It is therefore prudent to conclude that culture plays a role in the rate at which mental disorders occur with some cases even said to suffice due to the strength of the social networks. It has also been proven from studies that the impacts of the drugs used to treat the mental disorders as well have varied effects, which depends on ethnicity. Culture is a way in which decisions on what level to treat a disorder can be made (Vedantam pg. 7).When Teplin uses the phrase “street corner psychiatry,” she has the first meaning as the very open one. This statement describes the police who are the ones contacted by the citizens in case a person who is mentally ill is found. In such incidences, the police officers have the role of transporting this individual to a nearby mental hospital. they can as well arrest such a person or decide to resolve the matter informally. In this entire scenario, we see the police officer as psychiatry on his own but doing his work in the street as opposed to the qualified psychiatrists. All the effort put in by the police is aimed at discharging their legal role of protection and ensuring safety as well as the welfare of the public (Tepline pg. 5). Furthermore, they also act to discharge their mandate as protectors of the disabled citizens.The police though face&nbsp.a challenge, as their options concerning such an exercise are quite limited.&nbsp.