A square loop of wire in the xy-plane centered on the origin with sidelength L has acurrent / as shown in figure 7.(a) Calculate the exact magnetic field on the z axis, i.e. calculateB(r = 0, y = 0, 2) = B(z)Note: we’re dropping the explicit x = 0 and y = 0 labels for brevity, but they’restill there in reality. The field does depend on x and y, don’t get the impressionit doesn’t.(b) Simplify your expression for B(2) for large distances from the current loop, i.e.when (z| >> L. Can you put it in the same form as the on-axis field for a circularcurrent loop in the ry-plane at the origin,Bcircular loop ( 2) =Ho 2/47 23where / = Aloop Ik is the dipole moment of the loop?