Unit 1: Byzantine EmpireAssignments & AssessmentsPlease pick two (2) of the following activities to learn about the Byzantine Empire:Textbook Q&A: Answer the Chapter 8 questions from the online textbook (ConnectEd: McGraw Hill) that appear on the following pages of the online textbook: Lesson 1 (R1-5), Lesson 2 (R1-4), Lesson 3 (R1-3), Lesson 4 (R2-5) and Lesson 5 (R1-6). Please make sure to answer in clear, complete sentences.Socratic Seminar: What is the primary reason to study the Byzantines?You will find the Socratic Seminar forum under Unit 1: Byzantine Empire. You are to discuss your point of view. As the unit goes along, please check back and reply to two other posts from other students’ on their point-of-view to the question. Feel free to dispute their reasons and campaign for your primary reason or agree with their point-of-view.Research and write: Theodora was a now-celebrated Byzantine Empress. Until recently, all the focus has been on Justinian. Her intelligence and she was a skillful political strategist, which made her Justinian’s most trusted adviser. With her power, she was able to change many political and social policies. Recently, Theodora has become an icon in the video gaming world. Theodora is the leader for the Byzantines in the video game Civilization V in its Gods and Kings expansion and Theodora gives missions to Belisarius, the main character in the Last Roman DLC for Total War: Attila.After doing research on the internet, please answer and explain your reasons for the following questions: Do you feel Theodora should be someone celebrated? After reviewing the games that she appears in, do you feel the video game makers portrayed her accurately? Do you feel video games teach history? Do you think people learn while playing video games?Presentation: Create a short travel guide to medieval Constantinople. You can conduct research on the internet to find images of Constantinople during theperiod. You may present your research in the form of a poster (online poster or presentation) promoting travel to the city, a short illustrated guide booklet of things to see or use digital presentation software. (TE Textbook page 196)Creative Works: Create a map out of Play-doh, painted macaroni noodles or legos to resemble the Byzantine Empire, during its peak as an empire. Take a picture of your creation and upload it for one of your two assignments.Pick pick one (1) of the options below to be assess on the Byzantine Empire. Please write a one page paper explaining one of the following questions:Please write to two of these prompts. Please use examples and explain your points.In what ways did Justinian influence Roman law when he compiled what became known as the Justinian code? (W.2.5)What were the major problems faced by the Eastern Roman Empire after Justinian died? (W.2.7)How might the split between the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church have affected the future of the Byzantine Empire? (W.2.6)Why did the capture of Constantinople lead to the weakening of the Byzantine Empire? (W.2.7)