I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Security of London Olympic 2012. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Security is a major issue that can cause an important function/event like Olympic to be recommended in a country or not. The architectural designs in England were fixed to ensure that the security of everybody was well taken care of and that no one could stand as a victim of terrorism. The architectural designs were made and air defense systems were installed around the Olympic grounds. This was done to ensure that the possibility of suicide attackers could not penetrate their way through the stadium. Six missile sites were established of which four of them were purposefully designed to use rapier missiles two were categorically designed to employ the use of star streak missiles. The government to the construction sites to ensure that security was well functional delivered these missiles. The rapier missiles are weapons made to shoot airplanes, which come at the surface as a threat to the security of the people. The rapier missiles have attacking radar, which offers a short-range defense. The weapons have eight missiles, which are sufficient to take care of attack that could come at a time. The stars streak were also erected on one of the tall building near the Olympic stadium. One of the tall buildings was next to the water towers next to the market, which attracted a bigger population. Binoculars systems were also installed at a strategic point for the operation of the security officers to be able to locate any feeling of danger that could come during the Olympic period. The security infrastructure that was put in place in London influenced in peoples’ lives differently. The security infrastructure put in place became asserts to the economy of London. Business environment were heightened and peoples’ confidence of operation was greatly boosted. The Olympics will also influence people in London to venture in sporting activities.