I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Joint Venture Investment Appraisal Report. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This essay stresses that NPV calculates the net value of the investment while taking into consideration the changing value of cash. This method tries to calculate the amount need to be invested to attain certain annual revenue in a specified period of time. The value of money will be affected by interest rates payable on a certain investment. This method is good in comparing alternative investments. NPV assumes a constant capital gearing. This rarely happens as constant refinancing the project will be needed according to. This method cannot be used in environments where companies are facing capital rationing. Capital rationing is where there is a limitation to the amount that can be invested. In this situation it is important to use both profitability indexing and NPV to evaluate the viability of an investment.This paper makes a conclusion that discounting of trade bills is a short-term financing method that many corporate can enjoy. This method is widely used in Asia and Europe making it a perfect method for short-term finance for IFM. It can be used for both international and domestic finance needs. Companies holding bills get to cash them before they mature through a bank. The cashing of the bills is through a discount. Development Banks – financing can be sort from development backs which operate in many countries. They fund large companies and large projects. The investment needs of IFM qualify them to get a long term loan from a development bank. Asian countries are likely to offer incentives to companies of the size of IFM so as to invest in the country.