Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Evolution of Humans in the Future. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It is fantastic to note that many aspects of modern humans, including their capacity to form complex cultures and beautiful and complex artifacts of art and beauty, were the product of evolution over the span of just 100,000 years leading to the present, even as the ability to walk upright is said to be traced back to a period four million years into the past. Complex brain biology, linguistic skills, and the ability to create and employ tools are said to be even nearer to the present than the evolution towards walking in an upright manner. In a fundamental sense, human beings are classified as primates, having sprung on evolutionary terms from Africa, from a species from which also sprang the apes, which are the closest evolutionary cousins of humans. A shared ancestral lineage with chimpanzees and gorillas goes back to as far as eight million years into the past. From an early pool of about 20 species of early humans, the modern human being evolved to the present time, with the rest eventually petering out in terms of lineage as they failed to proliferate and died leaving no offspring to continue the evolutionary line. From Africa, early humans moved to Asia about two million years from the present, and to Europe about a million years from the present. Civilizations on the other hand are traced only to the last 12,000 years, prior to which there were none. The trajectory of human evolution over the millennia suggests that humans evolved to develop capabilities to adjust to the changes in the external environment, as evolution has favored that adaptive trait in early humans and allowed for new ways of living for present-day human beings (Smithsonian Institution. Stringer. Behrensmeyer).The Harvard futurologist Juan Enriquez outlines prospects for human evolution that includes the creation of a new species coming from the base of human beings at present.