I will pay for the following article Consuming Architecture. The work is to be 13 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. A good building should also attract many people and be viewed as a landmark. Everyone should also yearn to purchase a good building or reside in it. City councils and property creators should understand that it is their sole responsibility to make sure that the city space is well utilized and managed (Gieryn, 2000). This does not only apply to residential buildings but public properties such as offices and restaurants as well. City councils and property developers should be perceived as organizations that appreciate and comprehend design. The aesthetic value of a building ought to be prioritized. It is pointless to build interiors that are extremely beautiful while the exterior looks ugly. The entire building should reflect a unanimous tale.Most developers fail to think about the beautiful aspects of buildings such as garages or stores. There is no pain in adding graphics or color on buildings. Enhancing building does not cost as much as neglecting them. The uniqueness and beauty of a building will definitely attract customers. Many buildings have been created with a minimum commitment of design and aesthetics. There are others that try to make a few things right but not all of them. A lot needs to be done and the minimum has never been enough. Most consumers are extremely conscious of design, especially in modern times. Technological advancements have opened people’s eyes and revealed that there are a lot of possibilities out there. Individuals are browsing throughout the globe and they are taking part in the concept of design. Design is not limited to specific individuals or groups anymore. It is not surprising to find out that even young children understand what design is all about. Children also value design in everything they purchase for instance clothes, cars and even where they live. Getting it right the very first time will surely save city councils and consumers a great deal.