You will prepare and submit a term paper on Market Strategic for Full-Service American Restaurant and Bar. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. Moreover, in 2015, the sales are expected to grow by $ 11.5 billion making this industry by far the most flourishing one in the United States. Approximately a 4.9% increase in sales is expected and as the NRA (2015) report suggests, that Arizona is building a culinary atmosphere. The state offers high-quality services and cutting-edge food and this is the reason why it was able to host the Fiesta Bowl, Pro-Bowl, Super Bowl, and numerous golf events. Increased tourism and the influx of such international events improved the popularity of the state, leading it to become the industry leader. The restaurant and bar industry opens employment to 273,200 people which is expected to grow in 2025 (NRA, 2015).Galinsky (1) in her study stated that the tourism level in Phoenix increased from 47.1% in 2012 to 51.4% in 2013. This increase in tourism shows that the market for restaurants and bars is flourishing and it can have more investments.This research paper is based on secondary research done from valuable, authentic resources. Statistical Data has been obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau and other peer-reviewed articles. The paper is based on the scope of a full-service American Restaurant and Bar in Phoenix, Arizona which specifically targets Hispanics and White Americans. The main intention is to apply all market segmentation and advertising theories in order to generate the best possible solution for this restaurant.The most important reason behind this topic is that numerous consumers have started to demand healthy food from restaurants therefore it is a good opportunity that can be grabbed and utilized. Rapid population growth and globalized economies have really stressed our environment. There has been a significant increase in the consumption of food and called out for sustainability measures. According to Freeman (7), sustainability practices are&nbsp.emerging in restaurants that focus on education (training and capacity building), accountability of processes (whether they are socially acceptable or not), future planning, and participation of the community. Every restaurant should act responsibly in order to provide healthy food.&nbsp.