I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It acts as a source of information that is collected from numerous sources both historical and current data. It helps to resolve the queries related to the business with the use of the stored data. Data warehouse stores information in a steady, searchable arrangement so that the users of the business can easily browse information and implement it. Business intelligence acts as a component of data warehousing which supports the process of decision making. It also helps to create awareness regarding the operations of the business and behavior of the customers (Caserta Concepts, 2012). The Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing (BIDW) are essential constituents to meet the competitive pressure, gather intelligent information to upsurge the pace of the business, and earn profit which is the foremost objective of any for-profit organization. It can be simply quoted that the BIDW collects data and forms important information in a systematic manner on a timely basis in order to earn profitability (Sun Microsystems Inc, 2005).Data warehousing was materialized for various reasons due to the advances in the field of information technology. The key reason for the development of data warehousing was due to the important differences between the operational and information system. The operating system provides information on a real-time basis whereas the information systems are used to support decisions constructed on the past point in time data. This difference in the systems gave rise to the establishment of data warehousing. The operational system focussed on point in time approach and the information system on a period of time. This was the primary reason for the development of data warehousing. Several other aspects contributed to the improvement of data warehousing in organizations, such as the need for improvement in database technology.