Instruction for milestone 1
Overview: For the final project, you will create a Product Launch Comprehensive Strategy and Professional Reflection to demonstrate proficiency in all areas of operations and project management. 
In Milestone One, you will submit a Product Launch Strategy and Planning Brief, which will also become part of Component 1, due in Module Seven. In Milestone One, you will explain which case you have selected, provide a rationale for why you selected this particular organization, and describe what new product or service you are proposing for the organization. Include the proposed approach you will use for product/process development. Also include a high-level deployment strategy and the overall plan with a Gantt chart that will be used as the framework to introduce a new product or service into an existing facility. You can begin identifying key stakeholders that will need to be involved in the project. The instructor will provide feedback on this milestone to help you shape your final capstone project. 
Critical Elements 
Rationale: Lay out the rationale for the case selection and fit for the new product or service. 
 Problem or Opportunity: Identify the problem or opportunity the new product or service will address. 
Company: Explain how the new product or service fits with the company culture and competitive marketplace. 
Approach: Identify, at a high level, the framework for developing the new product or service. Include any quality tools or techniques that you might incorporate. 
 Methodology and Planning: Define the methodology you think fits best for the particular product or service development within this given organization. Begin the high-level planning with a project Gantt chart, leveraging tools such as Microsoft Project 

Continuation of Milestone 1: Product Launch Strategy and Planning 
 This is the first of four (4) capstone requirements. In this component of the capstone, create the product/service launch strategy and the overall plan, including a Gantt chart (project task list including milestone tasks), to introduce a new product or service into an existing facility.  
 Complete a 12–15 page report (including charts and/or graphs) detailing the rationale for why each constituent is included as a milestone to support the product launch and identify the stakeholders. You will want to describe in your narrative why each milestone task was included in the project plan and its significance to keeping the project on track to deliver the planned benefits. Stakeholders should be identified and include common project techniques such as a stakeholder analysis, RACI chart, or RAM. A project charter or project scope statement may be of benefit to further explain the product/service plan. 

 Further develop the work completed in Milestone One assignment that includes the framework for developing the new product. This may include the quality management approach, quality tools and techniques to be leveraged in the product development and specifically identify the project methodology to be used and explain how this fits the scope of work to be completed and the company culture.