Critical analysis of the article assigned using Gibbs’ Cycle within 3 hours. 
Link the article with course understanding from chapters 1 to 8 in the attached PDF text. The article topic will be given on 18th July 10:50 AM EST.
Number of pages: 4
Format: APA
References: Not required since paper will be written based on understanding from text book.
The paper should consists the following parts: I also attached Gibbs cycle format
1. Introduction:  Introduction should briefly announce main goals of your essay, mentioning Gibbs Cycle and the original article 
2. Description: Should be brief (3 to 4 sentences)
3. Feelings: a) Before situation b) Within situation c) From today’s situation(each section 2 sentences)
4. Evaluation: What went right and what went wrong in situation.
5. Analysis: This part should be 50% of the paper. Explains what happened, why it happened, cover at least 5 mistakes happened and how they could have been handled
6.Conclusion: Summarize all previous parts with main focus on parts 4 and 5.
7. Action Plan: What we can do in future
8. Final conclusion: Please refer Gibbs Cycle pdf.