Watch the video below on the work of Robert Sapolsky who studies stress (this is a short version; if you want to see the entire video, you can find it here . Begin your paper by defining stress in your own words and discussing your reaction to the video. 2. Complete the  Life Experiences Survey  and consider the stressful events you have encountered in the previous two year period.  3. Interview your family members and find out which stress-related disease(s) you are most at risk for. Here is a link to a WebMD page that discusses 10 stress-related diseases: 4. Research and locate one article on stress and whatever disease you are most at risk for (select a study on research conducted on humans) from a reputable academic source: Reputable Sources: journal articles government publications based on research Do not use: magazines of any sort, whether they are on paper or online Websites of any type, including epigenetics websites Wikipedia How to Perform Your Research Use the College Library in person or online (log in with your new MDC ID number (the one that is all numbers). Your password is the last four digits of that same MDC ID unless you have changed it. Read the stress article you find. Continue your paper with a discussion of the stress article. Be sure to paraphrase (put things in your own words) and be sure to cite the author(s) of the article you find using APA style (see the section below on using APA style). Aim for about a page for this part of your paper. 5. Discuss the concept of stress in light of your family history and the article you read. Aim for one page for this section of your paper. Here are some topics you can discuss. You are not required to discuss these but they may be useful to you:  How do you create stress in your own life? How could you change the nature of our society to make it less stressful? It could be said that some stress comes from leading “out-of-balance” lives. What can people do to “keep it simple”? Furthermore, in what ways can individuals control the stressors they will encounter beforehand? How could you change the way in which you interact with your school demands or your work demands to change the amount of stress that you feel? 6. Discuss how you can improve your health and longevity in light of your findings on this assignment, your understanding of stress, and your knowledge of your family history. This should be your final page. You can go over or under a page for any of the sections of the paper as long as your total paper is 1,000 words not counting the references. General Rules for an “A” Paper (check your paper against this list)  ?    1,000 words ?    Original work; plagiarism score of less than 10% (90% original work) ?    Double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins ?    Covers all 6 tasks ?    Spell-checked ?    College-level grammar ?    Cite your article APA style (author & year within the body of the paper; full reference at end) ?    No abstract, no cover ?    Place your name and reference number on the first page. Use page numbers.

How to revise an essay
To improve an essay, you should go over the entire piece first to understand the overall structure and content. Then, pay attention to individual paragraphs and sentences. Identify any parts that might be difficult to understand and think of ways to clarify them. Make sure to fix any grammatical mistakes or typos. Make sure the sentences connect well and make sense. Lastly, check the beginning and the end of the essay to ensure they effectively summarize the main ideas and make a good impression on the reader.