watch the Hannah case study on youtube1.What are the main issues that would concern you with this scenario? **These will be used to create a care Plan 2.What sort of symptoms is Hannah experiencing? **These will be used to create a care Plan 3.Make a list of all the different health care settings you might experience someone with mania symptoms? 4.Describe the Vulnerable adult definition and assessment (role of the nurse being a mandated reporter) Major symptoms related to bipolar disorder are sleep disturbance, manic behaviors such as rapid pressured speech, flight of ideas, and grandiosity. The goal of therapy is to provide patient and unit safety, provide a calm environment, decrease psychomotor agitation of patient, increase fluid and food intake, increase sleep, stabilize mood, and rule out any possible medical reason for presenting problem. Background:6. Did you miss anything on the patient history that would affect her care?7. What risk factors from the patient’s history are pertinent to her care today? 8. How does the patient’s medication regimen affect her health or wellness?9. What lab results or diagnostics are relevant? Any additional ones needed? Noticing:10. What did you notice about your patient upon entering her room?11. Did you notice anything in regards to others in the room Interpreting: 12. Did you have sufficient knowledge to interpret and respond to this situation? 13. Based on your observations, what is of highest priority for the patient? 14.What other concerns do you have about this patient? Reflection-in-Action: 15.What were your priorities in responding to the patient? How did you prioritize your care? 16. Did you adhere to safe medication administration practices?17.How can the nurse partner with the patient/family to improve the health status? Reflection-on-Action:18. What went well in this scenario? 19. If you were able to do this again, what would you like to see done differently?20. What is the most important thing you learned from this case? Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NUR2459LL Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)