The purpose of this assignment is to contrast common project management methodologies that can be utilized in health care project management. Conduct your own research so you are able to contrast Lean/Six Sigma, Waterfall, PSDA, and Agile methodologies.Directions: Research information about the project management methodologies listed below to complete the table. In addition, conduct your own research on other project management methodologies and include this in the table below. The assignment requires a minimum of two or three scholarly resources. A resource may be used more than once in the last column of the template.  Original work, pleaseProject Management MethodologyDescriptionProsConsExample of when this methodology would be appropriateScholarly ResourceLean/Six Sigma      Waterfall      PDSA      Agile      Choose an additional project management methodology here      Health Science Science Nursing HEALTHCARE HQS620 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)