SURGICAL CASE: CHIEF COMPLAINT: “5×4 cm Neck Mass with psychosis” HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS:A 35 female came in due to a palpable mass noted on his neck with no other signs and symptoms. Condition persisted hence prompted consult. PAST MEDICAL HISTORY:§  Hypertensive x 3 years§  diabetic.§  asthmatic FAMILY HISTORY: Not indicated PERSONAL AND SOCIAL HISTORY: xray tech x 13 years in a hospital PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: VITAL SIGNS: Not indicated BP: 90/80 mmHgHR: 80 bpmRR: 16bpmTemperature: 36.9C GENERAL: Seen awake and comfortable and not in respiratory distress. HEAD AND NECK:  (+) 10×6 cm solid mass noted on her anterior neck with no palpable lymph nodes noted. DIAGNOSTIC WORK-UP:TSH: HighFT4: Normal ULTRASOUND OF THE NECK: (+) 10×6 cm solid mass noted on her right thyroid. Day 11. What is your Diagnosis?2. What are your differential diagnosis? Atleast 6. Discuss each.3. How will you manage the patient in the emergency room? 3. What is your plan for the patient? Diaganostics4. Will you admit or not? And why?4. Kindly make admitting orders if you plan to admit the patient.Day 21. What is your next plan for the patient? 2. What if the thyroid panel showed suboptimal result. What will be next plan for the patient?3. What are the findings in ultrasound that will tell you that the tumor is suspicious for cancer?4. What is RAI imaging? When will you do it?5. Significance of thyroid panels? Discuss each.6. Will you subject the patient surgery immediately?Day 31. What will be your plan now?2. Will you perform surgery? If yes, then what kind of procedure?3. Discuss the Conduct of surgery.4. What are the possible complications during surgery?5. What is thyroid storm?6. What will be your plan for the patient post operatively?7. What is RAI treatment?8. When will you do RAI treatment?9. What is thyroid suppression?10. Surveillance / Follow up? Day 4 Make a Case Summary or the whole case, diagnosis, procedures done, medication summary, discharge, and follow up. Also include lab results.  Health Science Science Nursing MATH 505 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)