Scenario: The child does not respond to immediate interventions and begins to deteriorate. The child requires intubation along with vasopressors. The child is admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).Abnormal lab results include:Creatinine: 1.75 mg/dLGlucose: 312 mg/dLSerum lactate: 11.5 mg/dLpH: 7.28PCO2: 27 mmHgPO2: 162 mmHgBicarbonate: 12.6 mEq/L Choose the most likely options for the information missing from the statements below by selecting from the lists of options provided. The child’s laboratory data indicates a decrease in both ________1_________ and ________1_________ . Based on this data, the nurse suspects that the child is experiencing __________2__________ . The nurse anticipates that the child will need the following interventions: __________3_____________ and __________3_____________. Options for 1Options for 2Options for 3PCO2Respiratory alkalosisSodium bicarbonateCreatinineMetabolic alkalosis AntibioticspHMetabolic acidosisInotropesglucoseRespiratory acidosisSedationWHY DID YOU CHOOSE THE ABOVE SELECTIONS? :  Health Science Science Nursing NUR 4257 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)