Response to thefollowing: State the actions, side effects and…  Response to the following:State the actions, side effects and normal doses of each of the medications. (long response) MedicationAction, S/E, Doses (answers can be found in MiMs, HarvardsNursing Guide (9th ed.) or any other AUSTRALIAN reference used in the clinical setting) Paracetamol Oxycodone Metoclopramide  Bisacodyl Suppository  In consultation with your RN you have decided to administer Oxycodone. You have the oral suspension available which is available 5mg/ml, what volume are you giving? (short response)’What schedule is Oxycodone and what are the steps in the procedure for administering this type of drug? (long response)What is the required protocol for the Controlled Medications (S8) cupboard where access is via a key: (medium response)? Health Science Science Nursing NURS HLTENN007 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)