QUESTIONS TO ANSWER: 1. Did the physician have the option of workingwith a trained medical interpreter? Why do you think the brother was chosen to interpret? 2. What were the family member’s limitations when interpreting for his brother? Explain 3. Please write down two examples you noticed of additions, deletions or distortions that the interpreter made. 4. Do you have confidence in the medical information that the physician obtained? Why or why not? 5. Did the physician check to make sure the patient understood the interaction? 6. How could you as a healthcare provider confirm that the message you received from the interpreter, on behalf of your patient, is indeed the message that your patient uttered? Provide some strategies. 7. If you were the healthcare provider in this scenario, what would you have changed in this interaction to improve the effectiveness of the interpreting if you did not have a professionally trained interpreter available at that moment? 8. What could be the implications of ineffective interpreting for this patient? Health Science Science Nursing SOCL MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)