QUESTION: The parents of the child are college graduates. Your task… QUESTION: The parents of the child are college graduates. Your task is to conduct health teaching to them. Which learning theory do you think would be applicable? Why did you pick this?- Behaviorist- Cognitive- Social-Psychodynamic- Humanistic  Chief ComplaintA 10-year-old boy presents with a 3-week history of weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting, and cough. No toxin ingestion has been noted and the family denies any use of traditional medicines.HistoryA 10-year-old boy was brought into the emergency department by his mother because she was worried about ongoing diarrhea for three weeks and vomiting following every meal. As a result, he had lost a lot of weight and was extremely thin. She also noted that he was having difficulty walking and sitting up, and his hands would shake as he tried to pick things up. The mother was also worried about an ongoing cough. Although she had not noted any fever or night sweats and the cough was non-productive, she had been infected with TB one year before. She had completed her treatment and was now sputum negative, but the child had not received any TB prophylaxis at the time and she was worried he may also have TB.Past Medical HistoryThe mother reported occasional episodes of diarrhea since age 1 year, which were treated at her local clinic. No other illnesses or hospitalizations were noted.Birth HistoryThe child was born term, with a normal vaginal delivery- no complications.He was breast and formula-fed, until age 2 years.The mother does not know her HIV status and was not treated with Nevirapine at the time of delivery.Social HistoryThe family lives in Angeles City, in a two-bedroom house. There are 4 adults and two older siblings aged 12 and 13, who are all reported as well. Two of the adults are employed and support the household. Water and electricity are available in the home.VaccinationsUp to dateMedicationNo medicationNo history of any traditional medication use (orally or via enema).AllergiesNone knownDifferential DiagnosisSplenic Tuberculosis   Health Science Science Nursing BIOLOGY 123 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)