Q1) Which of the following is NOT a way that nurses can support the ethical conduct of research? a. Contact the research team if the patient or healthcare team have questions   b.Reassure patients that they can withdraw at any time, with no negative impacts on their care  c.Be mindful of the impact of study protocols on patient care and treatment requirements  d.Tell the patient which study treatment they are receiving in a randomised controlled trial  Q2) At the conclusion of a study, should all participants be given access to the study treatment or therapy?  a.Yes, according to the principle of justice, research outcomes and benefits should be made available to all participants  b.Yes, according to the principle of beneficence, all participants should benefit from the study findings where possible c.No, the principle of research integrity would be violated if all participants were given access to the study treatment at the conclusion of the study d.No, the principle of informed consent would be violated if participants were given a treatment they didn’t originally consent to  Q3) Attention to ethical principles is:  a.Required throughout the conduct of the study and publication of results  b.Only important if the participants are vulnerable  c.Completed once you have obtained informed consent  d.Only required if you are conducting a study involving testing new medications or treatments on people  Q4)True or False: It is acceptable to obtain consent at a later time if it is not possible to obtain at the time of enrolment into a study? Select one:TrueFalse Q5) One of the key differences between the Nuremburg code and the Declaration of Helsinki is that:  a.The Nuremburg Code doesn’t apply to research conducted in Australia, but the Declaration of Helsinki does   b.The Declaration of Helsinki was published before the Nuremburg Code   c.The Nuremburg Code is a guideline, but the Declaration of Helsinki is a legal requirement  d.The Declaration of Helsinki is specifically focused on medical research, but the Nuremburg Code focuses on research more generally  Health Science Science Nursing NSG 2NMR Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)