Please watch these two video links. Complete the Depression DQs (attached) for this Mental Health Activity.   Virtual Depression Activity  Which of the people in the video would you have been most likely to recognize as being depressed? Why?            What differences did you notice about the ways that depression was expressed in the people in the film?        Describe four causes of depression.        Incorporating your personal knowledge base with what you may have noted in the video, do you feel it is difficult for people to talk about and share their feelings of depression with others, even their friends? Why is it that people have such a hard time talking about depression?        If you felt you needed help, do you think you would take the step to get help on your own?  What do you think       makes it hard for teens to ask for help, even when they want it?         What do you think is the most helpful thing you can do for a depressed friend?    List 2 local resources in your community (include websites), two resources in the state you are currently residing in and 2 resources nationwide which are available to assist people experiencing depression. Elaborate on the services offered to an individual with depression through each resource.        Depression Quiz  Highlight/Choose the ONE best answer to each of the questions.  1. Which of the following best describes Depression?  Sadness that comes after a rejection or disappointment An illness involving chemicals in the brain A response to stress that occurs in people who don’t have good coping skills A condition that can be prevented by working hard  2.  Which of the following statements is true?  Changing your attitude usually makes depression go away It’s usually pretty easy to spot someone who is depressed Sometimes depression doesn’t have any obvious cause People who do well in school and have lots of friends don’t get depressed  3.  Which of the following are proven treatment(s) for depression in young adults?  Positive thinking Psychotherapy (talk therapy) Medication (antidepressants) Both (a) and (c)  4. Which of the following are likely symptoms of depression?  Missing school, sleeping most of the day, withdrawing from friends Having an unusual amount of energy, working at breakneck speed, feeling like you can do      anything Losing your temper, feeling anxious or stressed out, having stomachaches d. Both (a) and (c)  5. How long do the symptoms need to last without a break before someone can be diagnosed      with depression?  1 week 2 weeks 2 months 6 months      Health Science Science Nursing NURS 4564 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)