Please read the following client scenario below and answer the following questions about this client’s case.Client is a 22 year old male who reports no one takes his symptoms seriously and is done with feeling this way. Client reports he has been having thoughts of suicide but has not had a plan and doesn’t think he would ever try. Client identifies his family and girlfriend as support. Assessment ScoresGAD- 7- Pt score 5MDQ- negativeISI- negativePHQ-9- Pt score 22Other Pertinent InformationNKDACurrent Daily meds- multivitamin gummy when he remembers to take it (most days 5/7)Past Psych History- Denies  What appropriate next steps would you take? (Select all that apply)*A.Perform the C-SSRSB.Initiate and document a safety planC.Call the client’s Emergency Contact to take them to the hospitalD.Start treatment plan with appropriate medication and/or therapyE.Call the Ambulance  services ( 911)  Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)