please answer the case Study Questions Chapter 40: NURSING… please answer the case Study QuestionsChapter 40: NURSING MANAGEMENT: Upper Gastrointestinal ProblemsHiatal HerniaPatient ProfileMary, a 63-year-old white elementary school teacher, has had a sliding hiatal hernia for 10 years.Mary is admitted to the hospital for a hiatal hernia repair.Subjective Data?Reports increasing heartburn, especially at night?Is currently on a bland diet and taking antacids?Complains of substernal pain and heartburn?Reports some problems with regurgitationObjective DataPhysical Examination?5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 195 poundsDiagnostic Study?Barium swallow and an endoscopy revealed a large sliding hiatal hernia.Collaborative Care?Mary had a Nissen fundoplication through a laparoscopic approach.Critical Thinking Questions1. Describe a Nissen fundoplication procedure. What is the objective of this surgical procedure?Why was a laparoscopic approach used?2. What are potential postoperative complications, and what nursing measures prevent them?  Health Science Science Nursing GIGU NUR Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)