part 2 part 1 information:: John Miller, was hospitalized a month ago for a left subdural hematoma. He underwent a neurosurgical procedure to drain the blood and recovered well with no complications and no residual neurological deficits. He has come back to the hospital emergency department complaining of episodes of headaches and dizziness.    A 57 year old male (John Miller) presents to the ED via ambulance after sustaining a fall and head injury down a flight of 12 stairs. He presents to triage with a laceration to his forehead and guarding his left shoulder with a possible fracture. At triage is it noted that nurse he is confused to place and time. He was only opening his eyes when the nurse asked him to. He had power to all limbs. His pupils were equal, round and reactive. His blood pressure was slightly elevated, otherwise vital signs were within normal limits. The Emergency physician ordered a CT scan of the head for John. The scan results demonstrated a left subdural hematoma and requires admission to hospital. He has been transferred to the 6A – Neurology Unit and you have been assigned to his care. You arrive to his room and assist the porters in transferring him from the stretcher to bed.  Health Science Science Nursing HEALTHAGE 1AA3 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)