Order: 375mcg of alprazolam PO every 6 hours for anxiety.How many tablets will the patient receive per a dose?  Available: 0.25mg tablets At 1400 hours, the nurse started 0.9NS 1000mL at 125 mL/h.  At what time will you expect to hang the next bag? (In military time)   At 1800 hours, the prescriber ordered 1 unit platelet (275mL) to infuse in 30 minutes. The IV tubing has a drop factor of 10gtt/mL. How many drops per minute will you regulate the fluid?  Order D5.045NS with 20meQ KCL 1 Liter to be given over 24 hours.  What will you set the pump to infuse at?    Order: Levaquin 250mg in 250mL NS to infuse over 60 minutes.  What would you set the pump to run at?    Tobramycin 3 mg/kg/day divided q8 hours IMPatient is 77 lbs. Supply: Tobramycin 40 mg/mlHow many milliliters per a dose (round to the tenth of a milliliter)?   Give heparin 10 units/kg.Patient weight is 242 lbs.How many units will be given?  A physician orders 1000 mg of dopamine added to 250 mL of 0.9% NS to be infused at 5 mcg/kg/min. The patient’s weight is 90 kg. How many milliliters per hour should the IV pump be set to deliver? (round to the nearest tenth)   Health Science Science Nursing NUR 211 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)