ONLY analyze and label the following terms:   appendectomy; hypodermic; melanoid; thrombosis; carcinoma; cardiorrhexis; nephrotic; anesthesiologist; angioplasty; cytogenic; erythrocyte; angiorrhaphy; lithotripsy; transdermal; postnasal; dysphonia; unilateral; dysphasia; necrosis; megalocyte; pyogenic; photogenic; hemiplegia; macrocephaly; electrocardiograph; xanthosis; pyromania; hidradenoma; tachycardia; and leukemia. (separate the word parts) and label the word parts (p, wr, cv or s)                                                                    Do it this way: arthr/itis = wr/s      Health Science Science Nursing Health 000 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)