NURS 3514: Winter 2021  “Who Am I? Developing Self-Awareness WorksheetBased on your assessment of your own cultural context; using the Johari window to explore your open self, hidden self, blind self and unknown self; the Four Self-awareness Archetypes, and how your cultural contexts, beliefs, behaviours, preferences, biases and values guide your interactions with others:Answer the following questions (You can use bullets. Maximum 300 Words in total-Not including questions) and submit it to Turnitin in Week 3 eClass:What are my strengths and areas of development? What can I begin to do to build on my strengths and areas of development in interacting with others?  When something I have tried, does not go the way I want it to, what strategies can I do to help me learn and grow from the situation to do things differently the next time? What strategies can I develop to recognize my responses and reactions towards others who have different culture, values, beliefs, actions etc., while still providing compassionate care and empathy? As I begin to develop more self-awareness what can I do to encourage myself and others to express passion, commitment and being the best that we all can be?  Choose a meaningful visual art form (picture, drawing, poem, song, painting, photograph, etc.) to describe/capture who you are?  Copy and paste it onto the worksheet (please reference appropriately). Provide a brief description of why you chose the art form.   Health Science Science Nursing NURS 3514 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)