Negligence case: Before surgery, a patient receives two types of anesthesia.One that is used to prevent movement and the other one to prevent pain. The first agent, the paralytic, was delivered correctly, but the second agent was not. The patient was awake and aware of their surroundings but was paralyzed and unable to move or talk. The medical staff noticed this 16 minutes into the procedure. He had about a half-hour of awake, agonizing surgery in all. The hospital never notified him of the error. He knew there was something wrong even though he couldn’t remember exactly what occurred He had never had any mental or psychological issues before, but he was suddenly having panic attacks and believing that someone was attempting to kill him alive. In addition, he had sleeplessness and nightmares. He committed suicide a few weeks after his surgery. Questions: -provide at least three preventive measures for the case. -Describe one of the ethical principles that were violated. -Describe one of the regulations or standards of practice that was violated. -How could the injuries or negative outcomes in these cases be prevented? What actions do you recommend for health care professionals or health care organizations?  Health Science Science Nursing NRS MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)