My phone at home kept ringing and I could tell it was a FAX. It was… My phone at home kept ringing and I could tell it was a FAX.  It was from a hospital in our area. My fax on my printer answered it automatically.  It was a patient’s physical exam results being faxed to someone, but it didn’t say “who” it should be going to on the cover sheet.  I felt the hospital and employee were actually lucky it came to me rather than to someone who would violate this patient’s privacy.  I sent the FAX back with a “professional” note with it.  I titled it HIPAA Violation in order to get their attention.I informed them I would mail the original back. I thought about shredding it, but felt it would be a good learning experience as to why you should CHECK a fax number before hitting send on the Fax machine.  Same holds true for emails, right?About an hour after I faxed back the document, I received a phone call from the Compliance Officer of the hospital. They informed me about the processes and actions they were taking. I was pleased that they called me and talked about what processes they were going to follow through with.  They had already called the patient to inform them of the error and breach of HIPAA, etc. They were in the process of talking with the employee and discussing disciplinary action.  They were also going to hold inservices with all employees to review privacy practices.The processes they discussed with me are right in tune with what we discuss in this class and what you will learn to do when you enter the healthcare field.  Think about the rules of faxing and HIPAA and write your thoughts. Health Science Science Nursing PHIL 213 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)