Metastatic breast cancer ” De Novo” in younger women The paper must… Metastatic breast cancer ” De Novo” in younger women The paper must have four (4) and only four divisions. Each of the four divisions must be identified with the appropriate heading in the paper. The four divisions are Introduction, Review of the Literature, Discussion, and Conclusion. A description of each division you, as the writer, must include in the paper follows: 1. Introduction: This is a statement of the purpose and scope of the paper. The Introduction sets the tone and gives direction to the paper. The Introduction should supply any background to allow the reader to understand your intent, rationale, and focus, as well as the usefulness, s of the information to the reader. 2. Review of the Literature: This is a review of pertinent published medical literature that summarizes, explains, and evaluates each article or publication in order to provide evidence and, thus, support for your thesis or rationale e. Comments about the purpose, rationale, methods, results and implications of each article, study, or publication reviewed should be included as appropriate. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)