Many public health students consider a career in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, or similar Address the following:profession that requires training beyond a Bachelor’s degree. A well-founded understandingof a career can help students choose one that is well-suited to their interests and can help them obtain the necessary credentials to be successful. Thoughtfully investigate the health profession of a Physician and Nurse Practitioner and explain a realistic appraisal of the profession’s role in the health care system, the most important challenges the profession faces with regard to that role, and the profession’s future manpower needs.  a. The educational requirements relevant to the profession such as the type of degree, the minimum requirements needed to enroll in a training program, and the qualifications of successful applicants.b. The role and function of the health professional in the workforce with a description of what tasks and services providers undertake and in what types of settings.c. Anticipated trends in the workforce including the number of professionals needed to meet future demand, potential employers, career satisfaction, and starting salaries. Health Science Science Nursing PHPM 574 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)