issue is : mental illness Examine the leadership skills and… issue is : mental illness Examine the leadership skills and qualities that need to be demonstrated in practice to promote ‘social justice’ in nursing and the goal of this is to explore an issue from a nursing leadership perspective that impacts current nursing practice, and to examine and critique how nurses can address the issue to promote social justice. using this topic Mental illness answer theses questions in full paragraphs each question   1. What does social justice mean to you? What social injustice nursing issue is important to you? What is an example of social justice in nursing? How is social justice part of your life?  2. Consider the opinions and feelings of both sides of issue. 3. Examine how learning about the issue may influence your thoughts/opinions and the care you provide your patients. 5. What is the nurse’s role in promoting social justice?   Health Science Science Nursing PNR 400 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)