In this module, you will continue submitting work on your project.List three scholarly peer reviewed references you plan to use. These can be guidelines, scholarly articles, or other evidence-based sources written within the last five years. Along with this list include one to two sentences explaining how you plan to use them in your project. Submit the three resources in APA format. This reference list is not all inclusive; you may have to add or discard resources as your project progresses. Your references on your reference page must match your in text citations.See the resources below to assist you with this assignment. -How do I find scholarly/peer-reviewed nursing articles?coronary artery disease is my topic  second Assignment  and its the rest of the first part Module 10 ContentYour final course project is now due. This paper will include all of the components you have developed over the course. The requirements for your Project include the following: -Must be 6-8 pages. -Must include an introductory paragraph that describes the entire project. -The project must have all of the following: identification of the alteration in health (disease), the role nutrition plays in the prevention of this disease, its etiology, progression, treatment, recommended diet, type of nursing assessment and nursing interventions needed with regard to nutrition, outline of what should be included in client education and two strategies to help ensure adherence (overcome barriers) to the recommended diet. -Must have a title page and an APA Editorial formatted Reference page with at least three scholarly peer reviewed references. There must also be appropriate APA Editorial formatted in-text citations.           Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NU117/NUR1 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)