Identify the emotional phase for each of the following nurses’ characteristics. Utilize the following emotional phases AngerBargainingChaos Denial DepressionEquilibriumOpenness   ReadinessReemergenceResignation    NurseCharacteristicEmotional PhaseAmyOpen to explore possible new opportunities; willing to put energy into the transition.  BeckyLooks for ways to keep the old unit open; keeps telling others, “If only we could try one more time.”  CarolLethargic at work; nothing seems to be going right for her; states she feels lost.    DougBlames administration for playing this “evil trick”; resents that he will be the one to have to change.  ErinOpen and ready for the transition; looks for a new unit and has researched patient care in other areas.  FredIgnores the change; thinks that it might not happen.  GraceTakes charge of her immediate future by looking for new ideas and projects for her new unit.   HelenFeels a loss of power over her career; insecure over her knowledge of nursing in other areas.  IkeDisplays some energy towards the change; is willing to try various areas to see if it will “fit” with his style of nursing.   JuanitaFrequently states “whatever” when others talk about the move; displays no enthusiasm for the change but does not reject the change.     Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NMNC 2320 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)