Identify and describe the location of the pleural space. Describe… Identify and describe the location of the pleural space.Describe the function of the pleural space.Use one sentence to define the following ( ex. one sentence per definition)pneumothoraxhemothoraxhemopneumothoraxpleural effusionDescribe the purpose/function of a chest tube.Identify indications for a chest tube.Identify risks associated with chest tube insertion.Identify which diagnostic test is used to definitively confirm chest tube placement.The Basics of Chest Drainage Units discuss 3 chambers of a chest tube system, Use one sentence to identify the purpose of each chamber. (ex. one sentence for each chamber.)Describe why skin assessment is important with a chest tube.Identify what the nurse should include in a patient assessment with a patient with a chest tube.Describe why the nurse should never clamp a chest tube.Identify the only 2 occasions when it’s acceptable to clamp a chest tube. Health Science Science Nursing MED SURG 101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)