I need help responding to this… The most prominent problem healthcareleaders face today is keeping their staff happy while also keeping costs within the budget and following the facility’s policies and changes. Management tends to be pulled in many different directions. The higher administration does not seem to understand the needs of individual units, while the staff does not understand the purpose of specific policies and policy changes. A manager is a middle man expected to advocate for her team and educate them. I think a great way to bridge this gap with committees. “Organizations use committees to plan, obtain staff input, and get some of the organization’s work completed. Including staff from various levels and areas of the HCO in committee, membership offers greater opportunity for staff participation and commitment to required changes.” (Finkleman, 2015)I have seen healthcare leaders face one major problem in adequately staffing the unit. The struggle for my hospital is many of our nurses are on medical leave. Because of this, we cannot fill their positions and are forced to utilize per diem staff or travel nurses to fill in. As a result, we are often not fully staffed, and if there are sick calls, we are understaffed. Unfortunately, this has become a big issue in our unit, and management has not been able to find coverage easily. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)