I am having issues calculating flow rate for this horse. The only information given to me is that the animal has failure passive transfer (FPT) and weighs 108 lbs. For blood administration we use 10gtt/min. I have attached the problem and the reference i was given for class.  Please HELP! I am to calculate flow rate for 1 L of plasmaImage transcription textThe veterinarian instructs you toadminister 1 L of equine hyperimmuneplasma to Jupiter over 30… Show more… Show more Here is the resource I was given for referral:    Image transcription textFlow rate 440 ml x 10 qtt hr = 18 gtt/min4 hr ml 60 min Note: We give thetransfusion over 4 hours (… Show more… Show more  Health Science Science Nursing VET 203 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)